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Hiking Trails on the Kancamagus Highway


Pine Brook Trail
Pine Brook Trail is a 4 mile trail that heads South from the Kancamagus Highway parking area and connects to Scaur Ridge Trail, Mt. Tripyramid Trail and the Sabbaday Brook Trail. The parking area is located about a mile West of the Sabbaday Falls parking area.

Sawyer River Trail
Sawyer River Trail heads North from the Kancamagus Highway towards Hancock Notch trail and Sawyer River Rd. The Sawyer River Trail parking is located just East of Lily pond. Sawyer River Trailhead parking GPS coordinates are: N44° 01.305 | W071° 26.337 (elevation - 1,794')

Livermore Trail
Livermore Trail heads South through Livermore Pass, 3.9 miles to Scaur Ridge Trail and 4.1 miles to Mt. Tripyramid Trail. Livermore Trailhead parking GPS coordinates are: N44° 01.059 | W071° 27.081 (elevation - 2,070')

Hancock Notch Trail
Hancock Notch Trail can be accessed at the Hancock trailhead parking area and scenic outlook just East of the hairpin turns. Hancock Trail starts at the far end of the parking area and heads North and connects to Sawyer River Trail and Sawyer River Rd 7.4 miles from the parking area. Other trails that can be accessed from the Hancock trailhead are Cedar Brook Trail (1.7 miles) and the Wilderness Trail (7.4 miles). Hancock Notch is 2.4 miles from the trail parking area. Hancock Trailhead parking GPS coordinates are: N44
° 02.465 | W071° 31.417 (elevation - 2,150')


Greeley Ponds Trail
Greeley Ponds Trail can be accessed at the hairpin turns on the South side of the Kancamagus Highway. The Greeley Ponds Trail heads South from the parking area and connects to Flume Path, Scaur Trail (not Scaur Ridge Trail) to "The Scaur," Tripoli Rd., Mt. Osceola Trail (1.3 miles), Upper Greeley Pond (1.7 miles), and Livermore Rd (5.4 miles). Greeley ponds Trailhead parking GPS coordinates are: N44
° 01.889 | W071° 30.992 (elevation - 1,960')

East Pond Trail
East Pond Trail can be accessed West of the hairpin turns on the Kancamagus Highway. East Pond Trail heads South from the parking area. East Pond is 3.5 miles from the parking area and Tripoli Rd. is 5 miles. East Ponds Trailhead parking GPS coordinates are: N44
° 02.128 | W071° 31.790 (elevation - 1,751')

Discovery Trail
The Discovery Trail is a handicapped accessible trail on the West side of the Kancamagus Highway that offers a self-guided tour through 85 acres of the 800,000 acre White Mountain National Forest. The trail will help you discover how the forest is part of an ever changing landscape managed to protect the health of the ecosystem and to produce wood, water, wildlife, clean air and scenic and recreational opportunities. At the trailhead there is a small box with booklets that you can take with you on your way and will guide you as you go. Be sure to borrow one and return it when you are done. If you would prefer, you can
Print a Trail Guide & Map. Bathrooms are available at the parking area. Discovery Trailhead parking lot GPS coordinates are: N44° 02.777 | W071° 33.398 (elevation - 1,504')

Lincoln Woods Trails
The Lincoln Woods Trailhead is the largest trailhead on the Kancamagus Highway. There is a Ranger Station and visitor center on site as well as bathrooms and postings for weather, trail conditions and historical information. The trails that start at the Pemigewasset river suspension foot bridge are: Lincoln Woods Trail, Pine Island Trail, East Side Trail, Osseo Trail, River View Loop, Pemigewasset Wilderness, Flume Slide Trail, Black Pond Trail, Franconia Brook Trail, the Wilderness Trail, Cedar Brook Trail, Lincoln Brook Trail, Bondcliff Trail,  and many other connecting trails. The Franconia Brook Campsite is located on the East Side Trail. Big Coolidge Mountain, Mt. Flume, Mt Liberty and the Flume are all within a few miles of the Lincoln Woods Trailhead. Lincoln Woods Trailhead parking lot GPS coordinates are: N44
° 03.811 | W071° 35.306 (elevation - 1,161')

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